The Red Cockatoo

It’s remarkable to see how German filmmakers, faced with such overdone subject matter as the political horrors of their past, keep their films interesting. The Red Cockatoo is yet another take on this theme.It’s 1961 in Dresden and 20-year-old Siggi (Max Riemelt, Napola) is an aspiring artist working as a scenery painter. He soon meets […]

The Number 23

The most exciting thing about The Number 23 isn’t the movie itself, but how all your friends are going to start looking for hidden meanings in their IC and mobile phone numbers after watching it. The show itself, oddly enough the 23rd film helmed by director Joel Schumacher (Phone Booth), is pretty standard fair, with […]

Cool Things You Don’t Need

Live a little, and get your hands on these coveted cool things. So what if you don’t really need them? All items are not to scale.