LaSalle Fine Arts alumnus, Khairuddin Hori

While it is fairly obvious that curators share a close relationship with artists, the relationship becomes even more intertwined and complex with Trading Craft: A Performance of Curators by Khairuddin Hori. A performance by five curators (Thomas Berghuis, Adeline Ooi, Mikke Susanto, Chumpon Apisuk and Wong Hoy Cheong), Trading Craft questions the specifics of the creative process between an artist and a curator.
We quizzed Singaporean artist and LASALLE Fine Arts alumnus Khairuddin Hori in an earnest attempt to understand more about the intricacies of curating, as well as his latest baby—and came away, well, mystified.
What is the unique relationship between an artist and a curator?
Well, some artists develop very intimate relationships with curators, while others place themselves strategically with the hope that their artistic genius be noticed while dreaming of international superstardom.
We confess we’re stumped—what do you mean when you say that curating is the “fourth dimension in art”?
According to mathematics, the fourth dimensional hypersphere has a hypervolume of 1/2(pi^2)r^4. Thus, we should not only look at the production of art in economic or metaphysical terms, you know?
OK. What future do you think curating will have in Singapore in the next couple of years?
Curators coming from purely academic backgrounds will have to learn to steal for a piece of the action from curators who are equally eloquent, trained and have practiced as artists.
Does being both an artist and a curator give you a more informed perspective? If so, how?
I understand what a painter goes through when he or she says that he or she does not have enough money to replace a worn out brush.