The Future Is Now

Following a series of unfortunate the events that have been plaguing Singapore and the world recently—the Virginia Tech shootings, the Sungei Pandan drowning, and another Ah Lian winning Miss Singapore Universe—we decided to consult our crystal ball for some updates on future disasters, and perhaps take some action steps to avoid them. Here’s what we’re […]

The Seafood International Market & Restaurant

Since it moved from its old home down the road to the renovated East Coast Seafood Centre, The Seafood International Market & Restaurant seems to be a little overwhelmed by its competition. Although there have been diners the few times we’ve been past, the restaurant certainly hasn’t been at capacity as many of its neighbors […]

A Day in Chinatown

No Cina story would be complete without a visit to the most Cina of Cina places, yep, you guessed it: Chinatown. The area is full of fascinating artifacts and delicious food that measures up to the best of them, even if it can be a little unsophisticated. So ignore the atas snobs who’ve never deigned […]