Light My Fire

“Soft Light” by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen.
For the 2003 competition, Forsythe and MacAllen created, from translucent material with a honeycomb structure, pieces that vary in size, shape and function such as a glowing table and a sliding door. The original idea was a partition in a room to create a private space. Light source can illuminate from within the piece, be part of the piece or shine through the piece.
Why it won
“The brief to participants for the competition was crafted with the aims of the DesignSingapore Initiative in mind—to develop expertize in particular design disciplines, but also to promote a better understanding of design as an integrative and multidisciplinary process that is also of the emotional impact. The winning design demonstrates these qualities. It’s a design that draws on the interactions between space, light and our living environment.”
—Edmund Cheng, Chairman, DesignSingapore Council

“The jury intended, at a time when technology appears to be the only way to manage our lives, to award this elegant attitude and interaction with light that is able to create a varied and poetic atmosphere in the environment.”
—Piero Gandini, President, FLOS
I-S says
The piece, which can be twisted and turned to suit different purposes or environments, is expandable and leaves a lot of room for the imagination. And the way its simple honeycomb structure design filters light is harmonious and beautiful. In a nutshell, we love it because it is classy, modular, modern, subtle and, yes, hip.
How you can win too
We asked lighting and design experts what the secret of creating a good lighting design is.
Create an environment, not just a design
“Everything in and around the light is important. The environment and the light should compliment each other in the best of ways.”
—Kelvin Yong, a Product and Industrial Design graduate from Temasek Polytechnic.
Good to look at, good to use
“Both aesthetics and functionality has to go hand in hand. ‘Balance’ and ‘harmony’ are the keywords.”
—Jason Tan, Product Designer, Siemens VDO
Light for all
“Everyone can design good lighting. They just need
a sense of creativity and innovation.”
—Jason Tan, Product Designer, Siemens VDO
“Just look around and observe your surroundings, because all necessary information is there.”
—Tim Derhaag, Lighting Designer, FLOS