Handwriting expert William Pang

William Pang reads handwriting for a living. Besides deciphering a person’s personality from his or her handwriting, he also detects forgeries and dodgy handwritten documents. He lets us in on his profession and analyzes our scribbles just for kicks.

Rid of It

We ask five personalities on the things they want to get rid of for the New Year.

Maximum Impact

For storage solutions that work, we have the good people from IKEA to dispense us some handy tips on how to maximize storage:• Use boxes to hide clutter and add color.• Stash unused stuff under your bed.• Be creative and stretch the mileage of your storage items—a laundry bag can store kids’ toys, while jars […]

Easy Does It

In case you’re one of those clueless ones with no inkling of how to revamp, redecorate and rework on your own, just ring one of these talented maestros (read: interior designers) and help is on the way.• Eddy Kuswandi of EJ Square Design Pte Ltd (417A River Valley Rd.,6887-5240)—Kuswandi is fantastic with great space solutions, […]

Week of January 5, 2007

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): Your power animal in 2007 will be the hare, whose front legs are shorter than its back legs, allowing it to run uphill with exceptional speed. What this means, Capricorn, is that while you will have more ascents to make than usual in the coming months, you will also be well-equipped […]

Da Paolo Pizza Bar

Da Paolo Pizza Bar continues to be a trendy hangout that draws your typical Holland V crowd. Its familiar cow print ceilings, wooden tables and an enormous wine rack create a casual ambiance, and everytime we’ve been there, almost everything we’ve had is good, such as the thin-crusted pizza with tomato, mozzarella, pink peppercorns, avocado […]

Wasabi Bistro

As far as hotel Japanese restaurants go, this one is pretty utilitarian. The overall look is office cafeteria with a few odds and ends thrown in, such as an Oriental screen and something that resembles a shower curtain in the middle of the dining area. To look at something more interesting, choose a window seat […]

The Village People

Dempsey Road was just too cool to be left alone. It has been spruced up into a hipper, more trendy area and renamed—Tanglin Village. We map out the new terrain.