Local Rapper, FreakyZ

FreakyZ fell in love with hip hop in his secondary school days. Since then, he has won the Eminem Rap-A-Like contest, performed in shows, cut an album called The First Draft and produced for local hip hop artistes. He’s hitting the stage again for the MTV Vagary Hip Hop Countdown Party on Nov 30. Drawn by his cheerful music and infectious tunes, we grabbed him for a quick chat.
Tell us something about you that’ll freak people out.
I am so skinny that I’m two-dimensional. In a few years time, I will disappear!
What’s your must-have hip hop accessory and who’s your style icon?
My must-have hip hop accessory is a microphone. I can go on and on rapping and talking on it. Plus, when I hear some beats, I will get all crazy. Honestly, I am the worst dressed hip hop artiste in Singapore. But if there’s one person I would want to copy for style, it would be Johnny Depp because he’s so cool!
What’s your favourite dance move?
I can do the Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” move, and I’m really good at it. Seriously!
What are you working on right now?
I’m working on my second release On Second Thought, which will consist of 18 tracks. It’s a continuation of The First Draft. Other than that, I’m working on a compilation called The F Dept which consists of some of the best rappers in the local hip hop circuit. I’m also working with local rappers like Bless, Ishaaq and XS:1 on their upcoming EP or album.
Cool. And what can the uninitiated expect from you at the coming MTV Hip Hop Countdown Party?
Pure local hip hop done FreakyZ’s style, loads of fun and if you’re lucky, I might even show you the “Beat It” move!
Tell us about your ultimate dream.
Besides marrying Anne Hathaway and having Oprah Winfrey pay for the wedding, I just want to make good music for as long as I can, and I want people from all around the world to know who FreakyZ is and where Singapore is!