Paris, Je t’aime

Vampires, kung-fu hairstylists and Steve Buscemi (Art School Confidential): Not exactly things you would associate with Paris and that elusive and enigmatic emotion we call love. Well, some of you might, but we’re not here to comment on alternative lifestyles.Nevertheless, this weird combination is what you get in Paris, Je T’aime, a collection of 18 […]

Bali High

The next time you’re in Bali make time to check out the contemporary art galleries, indie boutiques and hip bars.

The Business of Love

The rise of singles in Singapore has been a bit of a pain for the government, who would prefer to see more people married and starting families. But as pragmatic as ever, the government has decided to turn a social problem into an economic solution. With 620,000 single Singaporeans aged 20 and above, the singles […]

Week of November 24, 2006

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): “Whether we are on the threshold of a Golden Age or on the brink of a global cataclysm that will extinguish our civilization is not only unknowable, but undecided,” said Edward Cornish, President of the World Future Society. I bet that in the past year you’ve had comparable fantasies about the […]