Nakhee Sung

What is your current state of mind?
What did you want to be when you grew up?
A pianist. I didn’t because of stage fright.
What is your greatest achievement?
Being able to graduate. No, actually, it hasn’t really happened yet.
What personal trait do you appreciate the most in others?
Well, since I’m kind of lazy, I appreciate punctuality and also I like people who smile a lot.
Do you have a cause or do you support one?
I feel trying to take care of yourself and staying healthy is very, very important.
What are you reading?
I’m currently reading a book of short stories by Thomas Mann. A friend gave it to me a long while ago. Though that’s not what I usually read. I’m more into sci-fi books.
What was your early childhood like?
Blissful. It was everything a child could ask for.
What is your idea of hell?
Where someone would make me do all the things that I don’t want to do.
What is your guilty pleasure?
How do you recharge?
I get out and walk the whole day on my own, preferably in the city.
What’s playing on your iPod/MP3/CD player?
Lots of rap, hip hop and French electro from the ’70s.
Where would you like to live?
I don’t know yet. The more places I see, the more I don’t know. I love the clothes in this country but the guys in another, the food in another … I’ve just stopped thinking about it now.
What accessory sets you apart?
There’s this necklace, it’s my mum’s and it has her maiden name written on it in Arabic.
What about you scares others?
People say I’m very direct, you know, I tell them to their face whatever I want to say.
If you had to play a character in a movie, which movie and which character?
It’d be Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind as Kate Winslet’s character, because she is so outspoken yet vulnerable in it. I like that.
What did you believe at 18 that you wish you still believed now?
Keeping in touch with friends. Then, I used to be very keen on getting people together and now that’s really vanished.
Art to you is…
If you weren’t an artist, you would be…
A designer. Maybe a shoe designer, basically somewhere I’d be making things, using my hands.
How do you make sense out of art?
The thing is, it’s not about definitions or meaning, it’s more so that people start to ask questions like this one. It’s really about “nothing” which is trying to be “something,” which it becomes when the lines and strokes come together as a whole. It’s just a form of your own expression.