Crossroads Cafe

This prime people-watching spot is primarily an alfresco extension of the indoor Marriot Café, and its menu is a crossroad of cuisines from Thailand, Italy, Malaysia and other regions. It’s known for its great location at the junction of Orchard and Scotts Roads, and diners come here as much for the vibe as for the […]

Burning Rubber

Cycling is a no-fuss way to burn calories and socialize at the same time, and, believe it or not, there are better options than the East Coast.

Scissor Hands

This man is more than your typical won-ton mee vendor or pastry maker. His fingers can shape all kinds of Szechuan delicacies but, to top it off, he makes all his noodles by hand. Chef Shen Bo made some cutting good times for I-S with his dao xiao mian.

Singled Out

Is being unattached just a waiting game for marriage? In light of the recent results from the Asia City Publishing Group’s (ACPG) Sex Survey, we ask eight singles for their innermost thoughts on love, sex and getting hitched. Photography art by Jason Leong

Be Your Own Boss

Do you have what it takes to run a restaurant? We talk to three people who do.

Spaced out

Hurray! Singapore can now look forward to having not just two world class casinos, it will also be able to look forward to having its own solar system-class spaceport! Talk about having the best of both Las Vegas and Houston! Wow!But before we all go on celebratory binges along Pub Row, let us take note […]

Ellenborough Market Café

Although this buffet restaurant offers an international spread, it has made its mark in Peranakan cuisine. We arrived for our buffet dinner prepared to indulge. The buffet was divided into food stations that encompassed international fare and, of course, a wide Peranakan spread. We had the shark’s fin soup for starters, and discovered it contained […]

Blue Potato

Now that it’s had a bit of time to work out the glitches, Blue Potato is becoming a winner in the dining stakes. The poolside rooftop location is still impressive, especially at night when the plastic tables and chairs are a little less obvious and the views over the river are lovely. The focus here […]

Nakhee Sung

Talented yet unassuming, Korean artist Nakhee Sung is someone to look out for. Having studied art in the US and lived in places as far out as Saudi Arabia, Sung now lives and works in Seoul. A free spirit herself, her abstract artworks depict her characteristic spontaneity and playfulness. Only 35, she was invited to participate in the Venice Biennale last year, and she is now in Singapore to paint the town red, blue and purple at the upcoming Singapore Biennale 2006.