Photographer Ming’s latest exhibition, Rain

Rain is currently gracing Kay Ngee Tan Architects Gallery. No, we’re not referring to the cute young Korean stud who (almost) always sports a pair of over-sized sunglasses. We’re talking about a show by lensman Ming that was launched Apr 17.
Exhibited for the third time, the seeds for the exhibition Rain were sowed in 2003, when Ming faced difficulty in shooting buildings satisfactorily because of—what else—the weather. “You know how it is when it’s always raining, you can’t shoot the buildings properly. So I thought I might as well take pictures of the rain. That was in the middle of 2003, when the world was gloomy. There was the Iraqi war, SARS, bombings, and it seemed like the world was coming to an end. And as a child, I remember rain as disappointment. When it rained, I couldn’t go out and play and the laundry had to be washed again,” Ming says.
But take note, Rain is not a depressing show. Besides ominous photos of dark clouds and all, there are shots of blue skies and the rainbow, drawing parallels to hope after trouble-laden days. There’s always sunshine after the rain, clichéd as that may sound.
Many claim that there’s nothing to shoot in Singapore. If you’re one of them, check out Rain. You may leave impressed, awestruck by its concept, or depart nonchalantly with a hazy impression of what it is all about. Either way, you’ll get a sense of how even the most banal element in our daily lives—the weather—can be a source of beautiful inspiration.