Pop opera group, IL Divo

Debuted in October 2004 with a self-titled album, pop opera group IL Divo has since been busy crafting its resume. No stranger to awards, IL Divo has topped charts and toured the UK, US, Europe and Australia. Made up of David Miller (tenor), Urs Buhler (tenor), Carlos Marin (baritone) and Sebastian Izambard
(voc populi), this band founded by American Idol’s Simon Cowell has even shared stages with Barbra Streisand.
For the uninitiated: Members of IL Divo come from different countries, only to come together as a group. As a result, there were communication barriers at first. Carlos Marin admits, “There were language and culture hurdles. But those things are minimized now, because we know each other so well. Through the course of coming up with a new sound and going around the world to tour, there have been many different kinds of bonding elements. And the humor we have together always pulls us through any disagreement.”
The greater understanding between members has accordingly led to a third album Siempre that surpasses its previous releases. Izambard quips, “Il Divo has grown over the last two and a half years. We know each other better, and we’ve been on tour prior to recording this album. Our voices have just got much stronger and they blend even better here than in our previous two albums.” He adds, “We’ve included more up-tempo songs, and we have a couple that have a bit more rhythm to them. The rest are power ballads. That’s the kind of thing we’re famous or are notorious for. The whole flavor of the album is very Latin. Except for one song, ‘Somewhere,’ which is sang in English. The rest are in Spanish or Italian.”
Undoubtedly, IL Divo has a distinct sound and a decent list of achievements under its belt, but that doesn’t mean the band has been immune to criticisms. Purists, for example, have lashed out at them regarding technicalities in members’ singing. Check the group out as they arrive for a sizzling concert come Jan 18 and judge for yourself. Especially if you’re into sentimental tunes and dig the increasing popular sub genre some has termed as the classical crossover, pop opera, popera or what have you. This is still a must if you are into pretty boys with even prettier voices.