The Scenic Eye: Visual Arts and the Theatre

After many months of anxious waiting, museum goers finally get to set their feet—and admiring eyes—on the revamped National Museum of Singapore. Besides up to date facilities, this 119-year-old building is now endowed with 10,000 sq. ft. of new exhibition space. Catch the acclaimed German art exhibition The Scenic Eye: Visual Arts and the Theatre, which marks the debut of these new digs.
Nineteen esteemed visual artists the likes of Mark Lammert, Qin Yu Fen, Thomas Schütte, Wolf Vostell, Ute Weiss-Leder and Raimund Kummer crack their brains over theater. The resultant art pieces reveal links between the director, thespian, audience and stage. It’s a spectacle—with videos, paintings, photographs and installations teasing your every sensory organ.
Wolf Vostell conceptualized The Scenic Eye 10 years ago. Ever since, the show has graced galleries around the world, such as the Christchurch Art Gallery and Center for Contemporary Art at UKMA. Goethe-Institut Singapore and the National Museum of Singapore now bring this international exhibition to our sunny island.
Why choose The Scenic Eye to be the first exhibition of the refurbished museum? “The Scenic Eye plays up the strengths of the museum’s new space. It explores human experiences through art and theater, which is very much in line with our philosophy of using different media to bring history across to the public,” explains Lee Chor Lin, director of the National Museum of Singapore.
Hop over to the National Museum of Singapore now. All class and sparkling new, this place (still smelling of fresh paint) houses a fascinating exhibition to steal your breath away.