Sebastian Tan as Jack in the musical, Jack and the Bean-sprout

So how’s school going for you?
School is sibei (very) boring. I ponteng (skip) classes all the time to play Counterstrike!
We used to do that too. Any cute girl in class who has caught your attention?
Actually, there’s this girl who dresses like a manga comic heroine. Some people call her ah lian. I don’t think she wants to disclose her name to the public, shy ah!
What’s your ambition?
My ambition is to draw my own manga comics, and to own a zhi char (Chinese cooked food) stall.
Awesome. And let us in on your darkest secret.
My mother is a Tiger beer girl and we have been sharing many Tiger moments since I was 12.
What about your mother irks you from time to time?
Always ask me to study, study, study… Especially when she is drunk! She is worse than a broken record player! I can only just tell her that I will bring her a lot of money somehow.
And what’s your greatest fear?
That the world will run out of beer.
How did you get Ah Kow as a pet?
I went to a farm with my father and mother to buy him, and when we brought him home he was crying for his own father (kow bei) and for his mother (kow bu) for a very long time.
Can he do any stunts?
Er, he is a very unique dog that secretes milk. One-of-a-kind. You will figure it out when you come and see my show.
What’s your last memory of your dad?
He was telling me to look after my family and to pursue my dream to the top.
What do you hope to see upon climbing the bean sprout?
I just want to have a biiiiiiiig adventure and see all my dreams come true!