Something’s Burning

From Latin to samba, rock ‘n’ roll to mambo, expect to be impressed by some of the world’s best dancers. We stared with mouths agape at the quick and fiery footwork ravaging the dance floor, before sitting down with Harry Medcalf—the veteran producer who has worked with Elton John, Carlos Santana, Queen, Frank Sinatra, Alanis Morrisette and more.
What inspired you to produce the dance musical Burn The Floor?
It began at Elton John’s 50th birthday event in London in 1997, where young ballroom dancers entertained. I was surprised at how they stopped a high- powered room in its tracks. Later, I met the dancers and was inspired. I wanted to work with them, and the idea of combining their talent with modern theater technology began there.
Tell us, what are some of the notable points of Burn The Floor?
We have incredible, young dance talent who are of world champion standard. It is an incredibly energetic and inspirational show. The choreography is complex and breathtaking to watch, but it is not a show for dance lovers only, but a show for everyone. 
What are the different genres of dances we can see?

We have a two-hour infectious marathon of rapidly shifting dance styles – swing and jive, tango and Paso, rumba, classic waltz to a turbo-charged, rock-jive.
Why the theme, “Would you like to dance with me?”
We want to be one with the audience, dance with them, and send them home happy, smiling, their feet dancing all the way.
How is the show different from other dance musicals?
I am flattered that we have been compared to other shows like Riverdance, but our show is full of different dance styles and levels of energy. The waltz scene is so beautiful that it can bring tears to your eyes, and the jive so energetic that it gets your feet moving.
Where has Burn The Floor traveled to so far?
Famous venues around the world, such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, Radio City Music Hall in New York, the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. We have played in 93 cities around the worlds.
Top brands such as Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Issey Miyake and Moschino sponsored the shoes and costumes. Why the decision to use high fashion to complement the dance?
The colors and fabrics are an inspiration for us. High fashion has a way of accentuating movement and style.
What is the most encouraging comment that you have received about Burn The Floor?
I received a letter from a man who had brought his very elderly grandfather to the show. It seems that one of our dancers had gone over to his grandfather during the show, reached over and held his hand. This man loved dance all his life, but was never allowed to dance himself. The dancer going over to him to hold his hand was very special, and for him, it was like a dream come true.