Mud Wrestler Gemma Ganon

What’s the kick you get out of mud-wrestling?
I’m a very hot tempered person…
Some believe that the nutrients in the mud are good for the skin. Has your complexion improved?
Actually yes! It took a while for me to notice the difference though.
And why must girls wear cropped tops and tight shorts to wrestle?
It’s not a must wear. We wear what we’re comfy in because it is hard work to mud wrestle and you don’t want to be stuck in something that irritates you. But, hey, I don’t think people are complaining about what we wear, don’t you think? (wink)
What will happen if your opponent accidentally pulls your clothes off?
If my opponent does that, he or she won’t be standing much longer. Ha ha.
OK, give us some tips on winning at mud-wrestling.
The main aim in mud-wrestling is to pin your opponent’s shoulders to the ground. To be successful in doing so, try and get them beneath you as much as possible… And a couple of sneaky fouls here and there never REALLY hurt anybody.
If you can get two celebrities to wrestle with you, who would you pick?
Woahhh… Probably the Rock and Brad Pitt—you never know, I just might take them both on!