Street Talk: Joanna Francois

Joanna Francois, only 13, is part of an Asian jazz vocal ensemble JazzKids, and her vocal talent has already made her no stranger to performances, and TV and radio shows. We grab this young prodigy for a quick banter to find out more.
Who is your idol?
My idol is Natalie Cole!
First thought when you see yourself on TV?
Why did I not wear the other skirt?
You must get requests to sing all the time. Find them annoying?
Yes, at family gatherings and parties. I like singing, so I don’t really mind. But they have to give me some advanced warning!
What is your training regime? Do you practice in the shower?
I warm up before practice and before a performance and I appreciate all the coaching I get! I practice singing in the shower all the time!
Why do people drink wine while listening to jazz?
I have not tasted wine, and I don’t really know why. Ask me when I am 21.
Words for those who think jazz is boring?
I’ll recommend them to swing, which is a form of jazz. I guarantee they’ll be off their feet jitterbuggin’ in no time!
What puzzles you about adults?
Why can’t they just say “Yes?”