The Cathay Restaurant

What we like most about this restaurant is that it is manageably posh yet not too caught up in its own grandeur. The interior is comfortable to the eye, clean and bright—with efficient wait staff dressed in red and black, all ready to help. Black and white pictures of erstwhile Chinese stars adorn the walls […]

Week of May 4, 2007

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): The outsourcing of fortune telling is well underway. Psychics and astrologers from India have been showering me with email invitations to take advantage of their services. “By the grace of the towering flames of goodness that burn the roof of our temple,” said one, “we have pledged to slave away our […]

Divide and Conquer

What can we buy with $2 million?• One million plates of chicken rice to feed a whole province in Kenya.• Two million cheap paintbrushes for our starving local artists.• Ten thousand tickets to see Sir Ian McKellan on stage.• One thousand glistening gold taps to beautify our public toilets.• One million packs of peanuts to […]