3 themed running events to train up for in Singapore

Singapore’s obsession with running events is not gonna slow down anytime soon, even though the rainy season is upon us. Whether you’re a running enthusiast or not, there’s a couple of cutesy themed running events that’ll be worth getting out of bed for. They’re not exactly competitive, but you’re bound to get a kick at the end.

Garfield Run (Nov 12)

We all know this well-loved orange tabby cat: Garfield is anything but sporty, but even a cat has to get a run or two scheduled into its busy schedule into keep fit. Join him for a fun-filled run with this third edition held at the Promontory @ Marina Bay. This year, it’s giong to be extra special as they’ll be helping Cat Welfare Society to raise as much funds as possible.

Pokemon Run (Jan 14)

Just when we thought the Pokemon craze has died down, there’s going to be a first-ever Pokemon-themed run in Singapore for all you budding Pokemon trainers (and of course, running enthusiasts). Held at the Promontory @ Marina Bay, the run will also have the fictional Pallet Town replete with Pokemon-themed games and delicacies, where “trainers” can mingle after the run. 

Race The Dead 3 (Jan 14)

Haven’t we all imagined being chased by zombies at some point in our lives? But hey, anything is possible these days (like Donald Trump might actually become the president of America) so you may as well prepare yourself. All your training has not gone in vain as you can sign up for this zombie-themed run held at the Siloso Beach as a survivor or as a zombie. Use your inner instincts and survival skills and race to the finish line, while trying to escape the clutches of the “deadly” zombies.