7 reasons why you should spend Oct 21 at Keong Saik Road

Singapore’s most hyped street party is back, and better than ever. The infamous Urban Ventures Street Party along Keong Saik Road is now in its seventh edition with the theme Self-Expression because, well, when else if not in 2017?

The one-day event takes place Oct 21, from 4-10:30pm, but is jam-packed with enough activities (and people) to leave you recuperating at home the Sunday after. Sure there will be chaos, but nothing worth skipping the event in its entirety. We rounded up why you’ll want to be joining the rest of the island in Chinatown that Saturday.

The music will be intense

Urban Ventures rarely disappoints on the party playlist count. Local acts like Cosmic Child, Subsonic Eye and many others kick off the event at 4pm, before DJ Sivanesh Pillai of Electric Avenue takes over to send you dancing into the night—with tracks ranging from funk, soul, disco, and afro to house, techno and broken beats. He’ll play something you like sooner or later.

There will be drag queens

Lip-sync battles with Singapore’s feistiest queens should be reason enough to hustle your ass down. Settle in for a night of glamorous theatrics with Yeast Monster, Dahlia Rose, Arya Dunn and more, then pick up makeup tips afterward; you can bet their wit is as sharp as their cut creases.

Beer yoga is alive and well

If you thought the bizarre fitness trend had come and gone with the coming of October, you’re unfortunately wrong. Grab a cold pint and spread out your mats, as an on-site yoga instructor from GuavaPass leads the sessions at sunset.

You can do some old-school flea market shopping

For anyone who misses the good old days of trawling through preloved goods at SCAPE, the Underground Market is here to please, as part of this year’s street party. Shopping the wardrobes of social media influencers seems to be touted as the main draw here, but whether or not you give a crap about who these people are shouldn’t change the fact that bargains will be had. And if not, the local vendors selling handcrafted and bespoke pieces at the Artisan Market should keep you happy. Bring cash!

The food vendors present are cafe favorites

Omakase Burger, Park Bench Deli (1KS), Neon Pigeon and Lime House are some of the popular names that will be selling their food on the day. And yes, there will be booze.

Free express manicures await

From 5-7pm (and face painting from 5-9pm); be there or be ungroomed.

It isn’t all just mindless partying—there’s cultural enlightenment too!

In a probable effort to salvage, or even just acknowledge, the gentrification of Keong Saik Road, Urban Ventures Vol. 7 is including a series of mini tours exploring the hidden alleys and stories of the former red-light district. Led by Charmaine Leung, author of 17A Keong Saik Road, the tour is divided into four intimate themed sessions: Tour of 15A Keong Saik Road, Businesses and community of Keong Saik, Food of Keong Saik, and Women of Keong Saik. Sign up for a slot here

Admission is free, and coupons for food and alcohol are available in $2 denominations. More info here