Dashboard Confessional coming to Singapore next month makes the 2000s nostalgia that much sweeter

Is there an emo and pop punk resurgence? Are guyliners going to be a thing again? We’re not too sure about the latter, but the former seems more likely. Esteemed publications like Dazed & Confused, Nylon and The New Yorker have all talked about it, and it seems pretty apparent as bands of yesteryears are coming up with new material, and dropping in to our tiny island to perform for fans here (many years late, but better than never). Bands like Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard The Used have all been here. Apart from Sum 41’s upcoming gig this month, LAMC Productions just announced that American emo band from Florida, Dashboard Confessional, will be making a stop here as a full band to perform at D’Marquee @ Downtown East on Sep 9.

All is well with the band—besides the six studio albums in their arsenal, they’ve also released a new single in April this year with electronic producer nothing.nowhere, as well as a four-track EP titled Covered and Tape. They were last here in 2013, but it was just front man Chris Carrabba, who came on his own for a special acoustic performance.

It’s been 17 years since the band’s inception, which started out as Carrabba’s side project. Since then, they rocked a generation of fans with their sold-out gigs and their brand of alternative rock. Their singles “Vindicated”, which appeared in 2004’s Spider-Man 2 soundtrack, “Hands Down” and “StoleN” were huge contributors to their current success.

Tickets are priced at $118 and will be available via Sistic from Aug 4, 9am.