Mix games and politics the way global leaders seem to do in this new exhibition by kult

What better way to start 2018 than by reflecting on the political mess that was 2017? And leave it to alternative gallerists kult to curate a sartorial exhibition on games and politics, as part of a larger look at important conversations we’ve had in the past year, and should continue to have.

From Jan 12-Feb 12Games and Politics will offer a fun and accessible platform to learn more about serious global issues. And since play makes everything easier to process/digest/forgive, all the hot-button topics you’ve scrolled past on your Facebook feed will be addressed through the medium of computer games. A collaboration with German cultural organization Goethe-Institut, the interactive exhibition will feature 18 playable games that deal with social topics like war, gender, migration, democracy and surveillance. The aptly named “Yellow Umbrella”, for instance, simulates the peaceful protests that took place from Aug-Dec 2014 in Hong Kong.

In addition, kult has invited Singapore artists to create artworks in response to the content of the games, to facilitate a real-time conversation for all who attend to better contextualize the topics presented. The artworks will be on display at Kult Gallery, along with documentary films on relevant issues.

Bring your friends, your family, and the uncle from the coffeeshop downstairs. Gleaning greater awareness of the world should be a number one priority this New Year; and now there’s no excuse to say politics’ “boring”.

Games and Politics runs from Jan 12-Feb 12 at Kult Studio & Gallery. Admission is free.