Residents of Tampines, a silent disco is coming your way

With so many block parties, rooftop dance parties, street carnivals, clubs and bars, you’d think you’ll never run out of options when it comes to having a good time in Singapore. Now you can add Silent Disco’s Rooftop Party to that list, and no, it’s not happening in town.

Residents of Tampines (and the general eastern area of Singapore), the party is coming to you for not one, but two days on Oct 28 and 29 at the rooftop of Tampines 1. It’s not a new concept at all, having seen similar parties dotting the island in the past few months. But for the uninitiated, this unique partying concept is pretty self-explanatory (silent discos are, well, silent). Each partygoer is handed out a pair of specialized light-studded, noise-cancelling headphones. Three DJs will be there, spinning different genres of music simultaneously, giving you the option to switch as and when you like (each channel has a different color light). Expect the same experience you’d get at a regular club, with the exception that your ride home will be that much cheaper. 

There are only 300 tickets for each night (comes with a complimentary drink each), so get yours here before they’re sold out.