Saturday is now the only day you should head out for gin & tonics

Your Saturday night out with your buddies is about to get a little boozier, especially with Cin Cin’s latest drink program, Gin Treasury.

If you find Atlas to be a little too intimidating with its towering collection of gin—possibly one of the world’s most diverse—then you’ll want to take a trip down to Tanjong Pagar for this. Designed by big-time Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, the massively garden-looking Oasia Hotel Downtown teamed up with Refinery Concepts (of Fat Cow and Bedrock fame) to turn their lobby bar into this gin-focused one last year, housing about 100 gins. While they’ve created a rep for devoting their menu to make-your-own-martini options, you can now opt for their new Gin Buffet every Saturday, where you can go for three hours of having unlimited glasses of gin & tonic.

You can get really creative with your G&Ts too. Mix and match up to 50 different labels of gin—almost half of what they have—and a range of tonics from countries spanning from Europe to Asia, as well as according to the various types of gins available: aged, London dry, modern and others. For about $58, it’s pretty damn worth it, especially since the three hours begins from your first order. It’s available for the whole of Saturday, as long as you’re in before 9pm.

Also, when you sign up for their Juniper Circle Membership, you’ll only have to pay $52 the next time you drop by and receive the latest scoop on new labels, promotions and exclusive invitations to masterclasses. More here.