Sports Hub is recreating the good ol’ days of amusement parks for one weekend

Amusement parks may have lost their charm among Singaporeans towards the late ‘90s to early 2000s, but many still remember watching numerous variety shows, going on rides that seemed like it should be out of order, and trying to win huge, ridiculous-looking soft toys (which were often uglier, rip-off versions of popular cartoon characters) through carnival games.

One by one, these once permanent funfairs closed their shutters for good and packed their equipment. But this weekend (Jun 17-18), Sports Hub will be recreating the essence of what the once revered Wonderland Amusement Park (1969-1988), previously located where Sports Hub currently stands, as part of the fifth edition of their Community Play Day.

Back in the day, Wonderland was known for its tea cup and saucer carousel that left carnival-goers dizzy with excitement. These cups were often decked out with advertisements from F&B brands. Thrill-seekers could make the teacup spin faster by turning a wheel in the center of the cup. Over at the festival grounds at Sports Hub’s Community Play Day, you can expect rides like the spinning tea cup, a classic swinging pirate ship, a helicopter, racing motorbikes, carousels and more. Obviously you can’t expect it to be anything close to Six Flags, but what you can look forward to is a fun day of reminiscing the simpler days.

There’ll also be giant inflatables (if you’re wondering, yes, some are for adults too), a glowing zumba sessions at night and many more activities. Lots of children will invariably be there, of course, so if you’re appalled to be around an army of them, you might want to sit this one out.

Check out the full line-up of activities here.