That guy from the Despacito speedos video is making his debut in Singapore

You might already have seen Filipino comedian Mikey Bustos‘ parody video of the notorious Despacito—yes, the one where he prances around in tiny neon trunks belting out the benefits of wearing speedos. If you haven’t, have a good laugh at the video below; and then mark your calendars for his arrival in Singapore this September.

Bustos is just one of the five comedians headlining the Asia International Comedy Festival, set to make its debut on the island on Sep 8. Presented by LA Comedy LIVE, the same people who brought us RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle of the Seasons in Asia, the festival promises hearty laughs and a rip-roaring good time. But it isn’t all empty, toilet-bowl humor. Acclaimed comedians from India, Israel, Canada and the Philippines will also take the stage to deliver the laughs—and get you thinking about topics ranging anywhere from politics to race.  

The festival aims to promote diversity and acceptance, particularly in socially rocky times like today, which is why the organizers have made a concerted effort to invite comedians with more than just good jokes to bring to the table. After all, real experiences and anecdotes always make for a better routine.

Representation and fulfilling the demand for Asian comedians and content also make up the festival’s goals. Strangely, there are zero Singaporeans featured in this premiere line-up, but oh well; maybe next time.

The Asia International Comedy Festival will run from Sep 8-10. Tickets are available at Sistic and you can find more information here