Where you can flaunt that costume you’ve been keeping for Halloween this year

Unless you’re living in the Woodgrove estate, trick or treating on Halloween is pretty much dead in Singabore. We are, however, pretty on the ball when it comes to the scare fests and parties, which are pretty spot on most of the time (after the initial queuing up and all, of course). If you’re out for a Halloween-themed party or a good scare, here’re a couple to consider.

Horror Haunt: School of Horrors (Oct 26-29)

, Where you can flaunt that costume you’ve been keeping for Halloween this year

Ah yes, the ol’ but evergreen haunted school and death of innocent schoolgirl gimmick. Just next to *Scape, you’ll be tasked to go through the various school-themed rooms at Cineleisure to solve the mystery of the girl’s murder, who was found dismembered in the toilet with her eye balls gouged out. Like most secondary school scary stories, there have been reports of a girl crying in the hallways and a ghost-like presence being felt when walking alone in the corridors. At the end of it all, you’ll get a reward if you manage to figure out what happened to the dead schoolgirl (or at least the first 75 people each day will).

The Glory Hoes present The Rocky Horror Show (Oct 27)

If you’re up for something a little more campy and fun, and a little less in-your-face scary, trust The Glory Hoes trio to come up with an alternative affair this Halloween. Catch one of the greatest and longest-running cult films The Rocky Horror Show and join in all the festivities they’ve conjured at The Projector, which includes “bags of shit”, the usual themed dinner complete with Meatloaf and Doctored Frankfurters and a groovy after-movie dance party that follows right after.

The Last House on Emily Hill (Oct 27)

, Where you can flaunt that costume you’ve been keeping for Halloween this year

Just the name of it sends shivers down our spine. But being literally the last house on Emily Hill, Kult Kafe‘s taking advantage of the dark, quiet surroundings and turning the colonial house and compound into a freaky-looking haunted house, complete with a meandering maze that promises to keep you up at night. After scaring yourself silly, head upstairs and dance it all off to the tunes of DJ Shellsuit and Stew Bamrah.

After Dark Halloween Special presents: The Asylum (Oct 27-28)

, Where you can flaunt that costume you’ve been keeping for Halloween this year

We’ve always thought the concrete walls and plants at the entrance of Kilo Lounge would make a great pathway leading into a club full of ghouls and ghastly characters. The Tanjong Pagar nightspot will become home to a dark asylum that’s said to surface as the harvest moon rises this Halloween, creating a bridge between our world to the dark and psychic realm for evil spirits to cross over. Sounds like a fun night to get absolutely smashed with all the CBD zombies.

Bacardi House Party x Bar Rouge – Down The Twisted Rabbit Hole (Oct 27-28)

More like up into the air, since newcomer Bar Rouge (BR) Singapore is located at the top of Swissotel The Stamford. Not one to throw mediocre parties, BR’s transforming their sky-high premises into a dark and twisted wonderland where our sweet heroine Alice has turned into the Witch of Horrorland, accompanied by the Grim Reaper who was once the White Rabbit and the Maddest Hatter, who apparently has gone off his rocker. Come dressed in your interpretation of their twisted wonderland and you’ll get free entry on both days.

Trick or Treat at Colony (Oct 28)

It’s not a scare fest, but nothing like a freakishly good feast to get you in the mood for parties after. If you like your Halloween spooking a little more upmarket, take it to The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia, who’re holding their inaugural Halloween dinner at Colony. Tuck into an international buffet ($98) of seven ‘live’ stations that include Alaskan king crab, oysters, European cheeses, stone-grilled lobster, roasted beef tomahawk and seafood bouillabaisse. End your frightening food coma on a high over at the Chihuly Lounge, which is serving up a specially concocted Halloween cocktail ($22) available only till Oct 31. 

1-Altitude presents Halloween: The Night Call (Oct 28)

A visit to the hospital is always grim and filled with anxiety, and 1-Altitude plans to capitalize on it this Halloween. After a harrowing ride 63 floors up to hell in the sky (we can’t promise a safe passage), enter Ward 63 of the haunted hospital from the deepest trenches of the underworld and traverse your way to the dancefloor through the twisted inhabitants. Don’t forget to grab the specially concocted elixir, The Blood Bag, to keep you immune to these ghouls.

Ce La Vi x Cirque Le Soirs 2017 (Oct 28)

, Where you can flaunt that costume you’ve been keeping for Halloween this year

The renowned performers of London’s Cirque Le Soir are taking to the skies this Halloween, as Ce La Vi welcomes sword swallowers, bizarro clowns, body-defying contortionists and exotic dancers to their ghastly soiree. There’ll also be a Halloween makeover booth at this very bougee affair for anyone who’s too lazy to get a creepy transformation. But if you put in the effort, you might just walk away with a Magnum Champagne R de Ruinart Brut to enjoy throughout the night.

Halloween 2017 – Castle Harding (Oct 28)

, Where you can flaunt that costume you’ve been keeping for Halloween this year

On the outskirts of the rolling hills of Dempsey stands a majestic building where benevolent knights, wicked minstrels and distinguished warrior women gather in a hallowed hall of The White Rabbit‘s Castle Harding. While they may not have dragons, wights or incestuous members of royalty, immerse yourself the Arthurian era where lords and ladies live alongside arcade creatures and sorcery, devious seers and vile scientists, and of course, demons.

Halloween Carnevil 2017 (Oct 28)

What’s scarier than random characters waiting to jump out at you? Getting sand and other gunk stuck in your feet, costume and every other part where the sun doesn’t shine. But if the beach is more up your alley, Ola Beach Club is hosting Carnevil on their premises, where a Ringmaster will be whipping freaks into shape for your (and his) pleasure. Head down south to catch these freakshows—from strongmen to evil jesters—in the flesh. And then get down and dirty with them after to the R&B and Hip Hop tunes.

Halloween Mayhem by The Quay (Oct 28)

If you’re stuck outside the clubs and bars in Clarke Quay before midnight, don’t fret. The entire district will bring you into another realm of post-apocalyptic pandemonium that’ll please sci-fi geeks everywhere. Whether you’re paving your way through the futuristic wastlelands of Clarke Quay’s Fountain Square where rogued robots have taken over control, running away from raiders and marauders at the Tan Tye Gate, or gawking at the evil experiments on Read Bridge, there’s something for every Halloween reveler over at the party district.

Terror At The Funhouse (Oct 28)

The dynamic duo Adrian Wee and KiDG terrorize kinki Rooftop Bar with their iconic Poptart night, except they won’t be dishing out the usual indie-flavored everything. They’re bringing with them, for one night only, a ghoulish smorgasbord of pop music, summoning the likes of ‘80s icons Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Culture Club, along with ‘90s drama kings and queens Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. They’re also peppering it with bites of Justin Bieber, Beyonce and Lady Gaga to bring the night to “life-threatening” levels of Pop sweetness. Feel free to wear your guilty pleasures on your sleeves.

Zouk Halloween 2017: Laboratorium of Horror (Oct 28)

Right in the heart of Clarke Quay lays Zouk’s Laboratorium of Horror helmed by one diabolical Dr. Gore. Enter the grotesque site and tread carefully so as not to accidentally step on vile bodily secretions, parts and organs just lying around the premises. Come dressed in your Halloween best and succumb to the evil experimentation (and attractive prizes that come along with it) of the evil scientist.

Halloween Horror Nights 7 (Through Oct 29)

, Where you can flaunt that costume you’ve been keeping for Halloween this year

The scarefest over at Universal Studios Singapore known as Halloween Horror Nights has become a must-go event annually. Now on their seventh edition, HHN7 returns on select nights, all circling the central theme of the seven new incarnations of sins present in modern society—cruelty, deception, malice, manipulation, narcissism, perversion and obsession. Caution: the scariest part of this is the queues.

Museum of Horrors VII: Vengeance (Through Oct 31)

In this episode of “We can’t have nice things”, members of the wet blanket Facebook group Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family got upset over a mannequin of a long-haired woman covered in blood hanging on a tree outside that’s meant to promote *Scape’s annual horror house. We’re not sure why they’re so hung up over it, but the narrative behind this edition of Museum of Horrors is about a girl with leprosy who was abused and eventually murdered by her gold-digger mother. She then returns to possess the mother to kill everyone in the family before forcing her to commit suicide. Very Channel 8 drama, hor?