The world’s first art exhibition for pets lands in Singapore next month

Pet lovers, at the ready. For the first time ever, you can bring your beloved cats and dogs to take part in the world’s first pet-dedicated art exhibition. Happening Sep 30-Oct 8 at the School of the Arts, the exhibition aims to use interactive art to improve overall wellness of pets, specifically dogs and cats.

As cheesy as the name sounds, the PAW-sitive: Interactive Art for Pets by Wellness exhibition is jointly organized by WellPet Asia Pte Ltd and Silversky Pte Ltd, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of natural pet food brand Wellness. But even if improving your pet’s spiritual and mental well-being isn’t at the top of your priorities, the exhibition promises to be a treat for both pet and owner alike. It will feature 10 commissioned art installations in 2D to 4D mediums certified safe (and fun) for the animals by experts.

Of the 10, only two have been confirmed so far, but they’re already looking promising—even to a skeptical non-pet owner. “A Whole New World” by local visual artist Adeline Tan will see dogs involved in a “flying carpet” illusion, where they whisk through a projection of clouds and their wildest fantasies—flying toys and chicken drumlets; a new fantastic point-of-view, for sure.

Then there’s “In the Cat’s Belly”, basically a giant cat-shaped structure with four hollow rooms allowing cats to explore the belly of the beast. Created by local artist Kelly Limerick (Kelly Lim), the structure was designed to allow pet parents to join in the fun as well—pull the tail of the giant cat to move feathers and bells inside, and add to the adventure of the kitties in the dark.

Certainly, a noteworthy addition to the arts-slash-pets scene like this isn’t all just fun and games. The exhibition organizers have also partnered with four animal welfare groups to run adoption drives and fundraising activities during the event. Wellness themselves will be donating 10,000 pounds of pet food to the groups, namely Action for Singapore Dogs, Cat Welfare Society, Purely Adoptions and SOSD Singapore.

Admission is free but registration is mandatory here—so don’t be afraid to come down even if you don’t have a pet to bring. Or you could always third-wheel and tag along with someone who does.

PAW-sitive: Interactive Art for Pets by Wellness will take place Sep 30-Oct 8 at the School of the Arts (SOTA). For more information on the exhibition and participating artists, head here