You won’t want to miss Super 0’s new underground pop-up party series

<p>Prolific party people Super 0 are launching a brand new series of pop-up parties, and they&rsquo;re bringing in what little there is of Singapore&rsquo;s underground scene. You&rsquo;ll likely recognize them from their recent banger in September, an after-party at Gillman Barracks&rsquo; Art After Dark; or the warehouse music festival featuring Tokimonsta in 2013. In any case, Super 0 knows how to throw a good party, and this time, they want to properly showcase local music and art talents, and collaborate with local collectives to do so.</p>
<p>The first on their list&mdash;boutique music agency The Council. On <strong>Dec 2</strong>, the <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Super 0 x The Council</a></strong> event will feature a select line-up of electronic artists comprising Cats on Crack, Julien Brochard, and rising international star Nastia (who made <em>Mixmag</em>&rsquo;s Top 100 DJs in 2016), who&rsquo;ll be providing disco, soul, house and techno hits to see you through the night. To accompany the music, look forward to a live visual projection showcase by local art collective/dynamic duo Non/Aligned.</p>
<p>Tickets start from $40 for earlybird and can be purchased <strong><a href="" target="_blank">here</a></strong>.</p>
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<p>Super 0 x The Council presents Nastia (Propaganda Rec) happens <strong>Dec 2</strong> at <strong>Block 7, Gillman Barracks</strong>. More info <strong><a href="" target="_blank">here</a></strong>.&nbsp;</p>