From eco-friendly products to bespoke treatments and more

It’s time we paid attention to homegrown skincare labels. Unlike many international comestic companies, local brands boast treatments better suited to our urban lifestyles and skin needs. To know exactly where to find quality skincare that will change your beauty regimen for the better, check out the following six local lines.

Allies of Skin

Designed specially for busy bees, Allies of Skin’s line of products aren’t just easy to use—they maximise the functions of smart formulas to boost your skin health. With clinically-proven actives worked into solutions, find treatments that will repair and regenerate your delicate skin. No fillers or potential irritants are included either; check out serums like the world’s first waterless Vitamin C 35% Collagen Rebuilding Serum for intense brightening and collagen building, as well as the Retinal and Peptides Overnight Mask which hydrates stressed out skin.



Thanks to her family’s wellness business which has a history with bee-based products, local entrepreneur Su-Mae Chia founded BSkin due to her personal struggle with acne. Trust the Singaporean to create cutting edge skincare that tackles this inflammatory skin condition with the all-new BSkin Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment that offers a three-prong approach to soothe and prevent blemishes.


Aesthetics doctor Georgia Lee is a household name in the local beauty industry, and her very own skincare line is just as renowned as the beauty mogul herself. Said to be cruelty-free and based on the doyenne’s years of medical experience, discover skincare products made for Asian skin types and climates. DrGL also offers a men’s range as well as hair care items.

Sigi Skin


Local award-winning skincare brand Sigi Skin delivers superfood-infused, quality skincare products which are both effective and free of toxins. Enjoy its unique range of multipurpose items, including the Kaleanser Face Wash, Pink Nectar Eye Cream as well as potent Dew Potion Essence Mist. You’ll also be happy to know that Sigi Skin ensures that its products are not contaminated by using airless packaging, and also offers its best-selling products in travel sizes and a variety of kits to get you started.



Inspired by simplicity, W.ant is an ethical skincare brand that champions non-toxic, natural skincare which protects the skin against free radical damage while keeping it healthy. All part of Beauty Emporium’s new #AntiNastiesClub, check out the 100ml Beet This Honey Cleanser that’s formulated using sustainably sourced pure botanical oils and minerals. Other must-haves include The Facial Spritzer and The Face Oil for maximum hydration and soothing properties. 



Personalise your entire day and night skincare routine to suit your skin needs and lifestyle with Yours. The homegrown brand emphasises clean and safe products tailored to your various requirements, so begin with an online skin assessment to allow the results to provide you products best suited to your needs. Plant-based ingredients are also often utilised by Yours, and you can view the range of natural ingredients here to find out exactly what's being used in your treatments. Otherwise, feel free to pick off their latest Essentials range, which carries items like the suncreen mist Sunny Side Up or gentle foam cleanser Cloud Factory.