Treat yourself to Kombucha on tap and freshly ground nut butter, then get your hands dirty at a DIY soap bar

Eating healthy while trying to lower your carbon footprint is so convenient and cheap in Singapore—said no one ever. But that could be about to change.

As is the conventional wisdom imparted to us by trendy vegan, paleo and keto diets, the general rule of thumb is to increase consumption of wholefoods, and as organically as possible. We've had to be content with shopping and paying premium prices at specialty stores sparsely dotted around Singapore, but with the opening of Scoop Wholefoods at Tanglin mall—which offers a wide variety of raw, organic whole foods at affordable and flexible prices—a game changer is in our midst.

A wide selection of raw, organic wholefoods

Originating from Australia, Scoop Wholefoods' outpost in Singapore is a one stop shop for eating and living sustainably. If you're familiar with Alison's Pantry (usually found at selected Cold Storages), the concept is essentially the same, though you can expect a much wider selection of goods here. Priding itself on being Asia’s largest wholefoods store, find yourself lost in aisles of bulk bins filled with various seeds, spices, teas and trail mixes from as low as $2.50 per 100g.

Look out for their carob coated treats, a lower fat alternative to regular chocolate. With a plastic-free commitment, you’re encouraged to bring your own containers and jars too. Simply scoop, weigh and pay. Brown paper bags are provided, but it’s best to transfer them out into air tight jars as soon as possible to retain their freshness. 

This idea of paying for as much or as little as you want is rather unique, and useful—after all, you don’t really need all 500g of coconut flour, or a whole packet of flax seeds for that one vegan recipe you’re trying out. 

Grind your own nut butters

For nut butter enthusiasts, choose from an extremely reasonably priced selection of 100% natural peanut (from $6 per 250g), almond (from $11.50 per 250g), cashew, and hazelnut butters among other interesting variations incorporating coconut or chocolate. Better yet, get freshly ground nut butters dispensed into your own jar with their one-of-a-kind nut butter machine. 

Kombucha on tap

You can also get your refill of organic, cold-pressed oils and vinegars in the same way, or treat your gut to a shot of yummy probiotics with free-flowing Jun and Kombucha on tap; try their summery flavours such as organic ginger and sparkling watermelon (from $9 for 500ml).

Eco-friendly and sustainable homeware

After scooping your way through the food section, find yourself in a delightful homeware corner, where you can shop for bamboo/metal straws, kitchenware and quirky boutique home furnishings, all ethically sourced of course. A little pop-up corner supports local sustainable small businesses and changes bi-weekly as well.

Choose and customize your own soaps 

All-natural organic skincare and beauty products are also available for purchase, but if the avid label-reader in you wants to know what’s really going into your soap, you're welcome to make your own concoction of personal hygiene and homecare products from scratch in a separate room—from face washes and body scrubs to detergents and floor cleaners, they've got you covered. 

Scoop Wholefoods Singapore is open 10am-7pm daily at #02-17/ 18, Tanglin Mall