Chart your moods, reduce anxiety and get better rest

It's been a gruelling period for many, and the issues which have arisen as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic can really take a toll on one’s mental health. If you’re in need of a boost but not sure how, give the following self-care apps a chance. They take mental wellness seriously and aim to help you chart your path to better health. Stay strong folks, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.



If you have trouble falling asleep at night, consider using the Calm app that’s the number one online application for sleep, meditation and relaxation. With over 50 million downloads, the world’s happiest app can easily lull you into a deep state of slumber with hundreds of soothing podcasts, breathing exercises and even virtual masterclasses. Simply give the free seven-day trial a go before purchasing it at $65.98/year.


The Happify app is all about taking a 21st century approach to helping users live a well-balanced life. Created by three serial entrepreneurs, the app combines positive psychology with technology to offer engaging, science-based activities which are fun ways to encourage mental wellness. Simply experience more positive emotions after using Happify, and improve life satisfaction as well as your ability to fight negativity, among others. You should also be able to break old patterns through Happify’s uplifting games. The app is free for downloads, with a premium plan available for avid users.


Living a happier, healthier and generally more well-rounded life is easier with the help of English-American online healthcare company and app Headspace. To begin, dedicate a few minutes each day to using Headspace to meditate, then check out some of their insights to reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem, and even practise mindful cooking. After your free trial expires, you will be auto-enrolled in the $69.99 yearly plan, although you can always change your subscription plan or cancel so that you won't be charged.

Credit: Bruce Mars/Unsplash



To engage with qualified, local professionals in a judgement-free environment, try Singapore-based app LaViCa. Removing the barriers surrounding mental health care, this accessible platform created by clinical psychologist Dr. Kristina Burgetova offers tools which guide folks to a better headspace. Besides live counselling sessions, also utilise the journaling elements and daily check-ins to understand your emotions and behaviour. Users may book therapy sessions starting from $29/week depending on the medium of communication.


It may seem odd to some, but tracking your moods daily can give you greater insights to your mental well-being and improve your overall health. MoodKit is designed to assist users experiencing depression, so that they can make, save and chart daily ratings of their attitude and use the app’s four integrated tools to engage in mood-enhancing activities. This way, they can change unhealthy thoughts into positive ones, and channel better energy into their lives. Available on the app store for just $4.99.


A self-care app that aims to help you find peace and calm, Shine is designed to provide a support system right on your mobile device. Find research-backed tips on how to live productively, podcasts that dish out relaxation techniques, among others, and a community that’s interested in healing. There’s also a Calm for Covid-19 section within the Library feature, that offers bite-sized discussions on coping in a time of crisis, for those who may require it. Opt for Shine Premium at a myriad of prices if and when you want more offerings.


Whether is it you’re nervous to speak to a therapist in person or just can’t afford the time, give Talkspace a chance as the NYC-based mobile therapy company allows users to connect with licensed therapists effectively and conveniently. That means 24/7 access, flexible plans for various needs and lifestyles, and high-quality care (insurance may be covered for some too). You can even opt to switch between therapists if you need to.