Pop two pills before or after you drink to prevent alcohol’s negative side effects

If turning blotchy and red in the face after consuming a couple of drinks is something you’d like to prevent, then this new remedy is just the thing for you.

Using a 100 percent natural formula that works by breaking down alcohol’s main by-product, acetaldehyde, DrinkAid has just been developed as the complete alcohol defence supplement for Asians to combat alcohol's negative side effects.

This means unpleasant problems such as flushing, intoxication and hangovers can now be a thing of the past by either popping two pills before or after drinking. To effectively prevent the typical Asian flush, take the capsules before drinking; or to sober up quickly and curb hangovers, consume two after.

Incubated by the Singapore Management University's Business Innovations Generator (BIG) while being a beneficiary of the IIE Acceleration Grant, DrinkAid has been put to the test with a series of experiments that has proven its effectiveness. The results observed indicate that 93 percent of testers experienced no hangovers the next day and that the intensity of the Asian flush was reduced by about 50 percent. Best of all, 100 percent of testers did not get headaches or nausea from drinking.

Although the product is new to the market, DrinkAid has already secured multiple safety certifications for supplements including being GMP-certified and meeting HSA supplement guidelines.

Available on the DrinkAid website and selling fast, each box containing 12 capsules is priced rather affordably at $19.90; six boxes will set you back $89.90.

So now not only can you drink the night away without developing that distinctive Asian flush, you can also wake up the morning after feeling refreshed and ready for a productive day ahead.

More information on DrinkAid available here.