Enter an E-Escape room to walk a mile in another’s shoes

Mental health is a deeply pressing issue, and this subject which faces grave stigmatisation has only grown more prominent during this period of uncertainty.

And that’s exactly what makes this year’s Beyond The Label festival so much more important, as it returns for its second edition yet. Like most other festivals, this mental health affair will be held online, ready to take full advantage of the digital offerings available today.

Rallying support for persons with mental health conditions and promoting mental wellbeing, this National Council of Social Service event will be held this weekend (Sep 26-27), boasting an entire range of online activities, workshops and more.

First, look forward to a virtual concert hosted by local crooner Benjamin Kheng on YouTube and Facebook which features performances by singers including Kit Chan, Stefanie Sun and local music group 3AM Music Collective, whose artistes have had personal experiences dealing with mental health.

Beyond The Label 2019

Next, participate in workshops that will encourage wellness and mindfulness as Tabata workouts hosted by Ah Boys to Men star Maxi Lim will be happening in the morning of Saturday while a laughter yoga session takes place on Sunday. If you prefer creative journaling or would like to try your hand at making chocolates as therapy relief, then feel free to sign-up online to register your attendance. All workshops come at a token donation of $10 to the Community Chest, so you’ll be doing some good while enjoying these activities.

But be sure to get informed at dialogues that aim to equip individuals with a better knowledge of mental health stigma too, as both Understanding Mental Health Challenges Faced By Youths and Mental Health Resilience & Wellness Panel Discussions are set to take place via Facebook Live.

Finally, enter an E-Escape Room, a web-based, single-player game that allows everyone to walk a mile in the shoes of someone else, to better understand mental health conditions and challenges while building greater understanding and empathy.

For an unmissable experience that offers valuable insights about mental health and wellness, simply head online to check out the virtual Beyond The Label 2020.

Beyond The Label 2020 takes place online this Sep 26-27. More information available here.