Get a rock-solid, full-body workout

Whether you're into ascending tall rock formations with climbing equipment, or prefer going without the use of harnesses as is the case with bouldering, there's a wall out there for you to scale. Either way, conquering such heights come with a great number of health benefits. Both rock climbling and bouldering is a whole body workout, training both strength and endurance at the same time. Head to these rock climbing and bouldering gyms in Singapore to get started.

Boulder Movement

Tucked neatly away at the basement level of the luxurious Downtown Gallery mall, Boulder Movement is where you’ll find a satisfying workout, regardless of your fitness level. Find bouldering classes and sessions guided by expert trainers if you’re a newbie, or just go ahead and get your entry passes if you’re already a seasoned climber. Either way, a variety of packages and passes are available.

Boulder World

As their name suggests, Boulder World at SingPost Centre specialises in bouldering, boasting a floor space of over 7,000 sq ft. That makes them the largest indoor bouldering gym in Singapore, which also offers walls that cater to a diverse range of difficulty levels. You may also rent shoes, socks and lockers if you require; a day pass will only set you back $24.

Climb Central

If you’re all about the climb, head to Climb Central’s three different outlets (Novena Square, Sports Hub and Funan Mall) in Singapore, where you’ll find numerous rock climbing walls that’ll challenge you mentally and physically. Feel free to walk in and train, or take up classes offered by the gym, such as the Beta Basics which focuses on climbing techniques and movement. There's also Beta Technical for climber and belayer safety, among many others.

Kinetics Climbing

Branded as a premium bouldering facility in Singapore, varied wall surfaces coupled with frequently updated routes designed for optimal bouldering sessions can be found at Kinetics Climbing. A top rope wall is also available within the premises; check out private coaching and climbing wall consultancy services offered by the gym as well.

Onsight Climbing

At just $20 for a one-day entry, find auto belay walls, top rope walls, bouldering walls and even a speed wall; all within Onsight Climbing’s Guillemard Road venue. Those looking to train with the help of an instructor can sign-up for the Experiential Climbing session, before continuing with other in-depth workshops or even personal coaching classes.


SuperPark may not qualify as a rock climbing gym per se, but it has made this list for its fun, rock climbing activities. Slip into sport shoes and scale the walls at the massive indoor playground’s SuperClimb, or try your hand at their augmented reality climbing wall that’s packed with games. At the trampoline arena, you’ll also get to do some sort of bouldering before taking a nose dive into their foam pit.