Forget gyms. Here are some alternative ways to work out and one of them involves running around in a giant bubble.

If you’re sick of pounding the treadmill or swimming endless laps, there are tons of alternative ways of working out. Plus, when you're having fun, it's hardly any work.  



Onsight Climbing

Rock Climbing at Onsight Climbing

Occupying over 10,000 square feet, one of the island's biggest gyms is all about conquering heights. The space comes with 43 climbing lanes and 15-meter speed climbing walls. Try your hand at rock climbing—you'll be surprised to find muscles you never knew existed.

Forest Adventure

Ziplining at Forest Adventure

Not only do you get waterside breezes at Forest Adventure, you also get soaring views of lush greenery and the Bedok Reservoir. Adults should do the two and a half-hour Grand Course, which covers 35 obstacles like trapezes, tightropes and wobbly logs. To break up the fun and hard work are four exhilarating ziplines across the reservoir that take you to your next set of obstacles. It's a great workout, and, don't worry, there are safety harnesses throughout and a safety demo before you begin. Prices start at $46 for adults, though it's $36 on Tuesdays, and there are packages for groups and kids. 

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Amped Trampoline Park

Trampolining at Amped Trampoline Park

With almost 50 trampolines lining the walls and floor, you can jump your way to a skinnier you at this trampoline park. According to a 1980 NASA study, a 10-minute trampolining session equates to 30 minutes of cardio, and is more efficient and effective than running or swimming.

Bubble Bump

Bubble Soccer at Bubble Bump

It may look a little silly once you don the bubble suit, but it doesn't get more fun that this. Chase a ball, bump into friends and protect your goal at all costs. Plus, with Bubble Bump, the bubble suits come to you so you can literally play it anywhere you want. Of course, if you don’t have anywhere in mind, they’ve partnered up with three futsal venues: Kovan Sports Centre, The Cage @ Kallang and Zion Sports @ Tiong Bahru. Rates start from $290 per hour that comes with up to 20 bubble suits, two facilitators, a soccer ball and equipment. So, the more friends you gather, the less you pay.


SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddling Yoga at SUP

Kick things up a notch by paddling out to sea and performing basic yoga asanas (from sun salutations to back bridges) while balancing on a 10-foot long board. This 60-minute session is more intensive than regular yoga because you'll end up working your core to keep your balance. The good news is, even if you do end up capsizing the board, you just fall into the water. Think of it as a nice way to cool off.