Aerial Workout Classes Available in Singapore

Exercising on the ground can get a little dull. But in the air? That’s something new. Test your balancing skills and push your limits with these aerial arts.

Aerial Arts
Using aerial hoops and silks, instructors will teach you the art of perfecting graceful movements and poses in mid-air. It may sound easy but this full body workout will activate and tone core muscles, glutes and strengthen your upper body. Improve your balance, coordination and flexibility with ease and grace—it’s also great for conquering fear of heights.

At Pure Fitness Asia Square. Membership starts from $150 per month.

Circus Arts
If you’ve always secretly wondered what it’s like to be a trapeze artist, this is for you.Learn how to suspend yourself using apparatus like the static trapeze, lyra (more commonly known as aerial hoops) and silks. Students here performed at the opening of the Youth Olympic Games, so you can be sure the instructors know their stuff. Both introductory classes ($35) and eight-week courses ($280) are available.

At Circus Swingapore. Membership is $50 per year.

Floating Yoga
Get ready to be suspended on soft trapeze hammocks, while engaging in flexible yoga poses mid-air—a unique fusion technique that relieves compressed joints while strengthening lower abdominal muscles. A complete exercise program, this allows your entire body to become stronger and more unified by aligning your body from head to toe with specific poses. You’ll be showing off a tight six pack in no time.

Celebrity Fitness. Membership starts from $68 per month.

A fusion of traditional yoga, dance and aerial acrobatics, YogaFly targets core muscles without placing unnecessary pressure on the spine and joints. Being constantly supported by a fabric swing allows you to strike poses that would otherwise be strenuous on a mat—improving posture, flexibility and joint mobility. Think handstands and flips you never thought you could achieve.

At Upside Motion.