Best Fit (Honorable Mentions)

Before & After Award—Energia Fitness Club
It’s all too easy to undo your good work in the gym by eating unhealthily afterwards. We think we’ve found the perfect solution at Energia, which has an in-house café menu designed for pre and post-workout meals. They have an impressive variety of healthy and tasty options here, including wholemeal wraps ($7.50-8), salads ($4.50) and even a bowl of hot oatmeal porridge ($2.80-4).
#04-11/12 Riverside Point, 30 Merchant Rd., 6226-2777.
Tai Tai Award—Sky Fitness
Sky is the only fitness center in town that provides concierge services. We’ve looked at their menu of services and, frankly, we wish we were better paid. If you’re interested and can afford it, the list includes airline and event ticket reservations, personal and Internet shopping, tailoring and shoe repair, duplication and binding (paper, not people) as well as awards and engraving services.
#16-01 HarbourFront Tower 2,
3 HarbourFront Plc., 6271-0818.
Great Guns Award—Gold’s Gym
It’s a well-known fact that bodybuilding is the best way to overachieve in life–just look at Arnie’s career trajectory. Gold’s (in California) is where he started out and you only need to walk past this specialized fitness gym to feel inspired. It’s packed with full-bodied figures; some lean, some massive, all ripped. One of the celebrities fronting the Gold’s Gym empire is Bollywood superstar Salman Khan (have you seen the shoulders on that dude?). So if getting big is your principle goal, enquire about their services, which include a no-frills 12-week bulk-up program.
86A Tanjong Pagar Rd., 3110-5888.
Hard as Nails Award—Evolve MMA
A solid bum looks good but it doesn’t win your battles for you. Jack up your internal strength with intense professional training by some of Asia’s world champions in Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, boxing and mixed martial arts. It’s also affiliated with some of the most prominent martial arts associations in the region, including Thailand’s respected Sityodtong Gym.
#01-01, 26 China St., 6536-4525; #02-22, 1 Selegie Rd., 6337-0082.