Best Singapore Spa Therapies for Tech Addicts

Berry-Good Hand Massage
Been gripping that mobile phone so tight that your hand has cramped up? The soothing 20-minute massage ($26) promises to ease the tension. Pressure is applied to special reflexology points—from the top of your arm to your finger tips—to relieve any damage caused by overzealous texting on electronic devices.
Available at Refresh Bodyworks (Tanglin Mall).

CranioSacral Therapy
Sitting hunched in front of the computer all day can give you awful migraines, not to mention affecting your posture. Set things right with this hour-long therapy ($150) that involves applying gentle pressure to your skull bones and spinal cord, allowing the cerebral spinal fluid at the back of your head to flow. This should provide your noggin some pain relief while also straightening your back. 
Available at Awakening Touch.

Hopi Ear Candles
If you’ve been blasting music on your headset 24/7, use this all-natural method to soothe ear discomfort. Used by the ancient Native Americans, a hollow beeswax candle is lit and placed in your ear, causing a sucking sensation which gently massages the eardrum. A piece of linen at the bottom of the candle prevents hot wax from entering your ear. A half-hour session costs $48.
Available at Basic Essence Holistic Wellness Centre.

Quintessential Facial
Research has shown that most mobile phones are dirtier than the average toilet handle. Yet tech addicts have them plastered to their faces all the time. Repair any damage to your skin—unclog pores, clear acne, whiteheads, and blackheads, and even reduce those fine lines—with this comprehensive facial ($200). The 90-minute session involves exfoliation, the use of LED lamps, and custom blended masks and serums.
Available at Porcelain Face Spa.

Smooth Away Dark Eye Circles & Puffiness Now
Staring at the desktop late into the night can leave you with unattractive dark rings around your strained eyes. This treatment, which utilizes a handheld endermologie machine to stimulate the collagen cells under your eyes, will lighten any discoloration and soothe the swelling. A 20-minute trial session goes for $72.
Available at Spahaven.