A Bike for Every Terrain

For a country without mountains, we sure do have some pretty good trails here, particularly those at Bukit Timah Hill or Pulau Ubin. Specially designed for mountainous trails (and easier on the wallet than the others featured here), the Explorer 2.0 features lightweight shocks and disc brakes—unlike bicycle brakes that perform poorly when wet, this baby performs equally well in all conditions.
$795 from Bike Plus.

Our best choice for road biking is the Madone 3.1—a carbon performance bike that offers riders better handling with its lower headset bearing design that improves control. The intuitive responsiveness of the bike is also designed to win competitions.
$2,799 from Treknology3.

In Town
Created for leisure, Pace Pure & Style is a stylish lifestyle bike designed to cater to a wide variety of everyday terrains in comfort—think leather handles, a deluxe cruiser saddle and high roller pedals (that improve form and aid smoother riding).
$2,495 from The Big Country.

Dirt track cycling is similar to that on mountain terrain—only more accessible. Tampines bike trail and Mandai Track 15 at Chestnut Avenue are easy trails, while  that’s even suitable for advanced trails such as the Ketam Bike Trail in Pulau Ubin (Double Black Diamond is the most difficult) and the renowned Putrajaya Challenge Park in Kuala Lumpur.
$3,495 from Bike Plus.