Bike Review: Storck Multiroad

Specs: Hand-built carbon fiber frame, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, handlebar with personalized grips, stem and 31.6mm seat post, sizes available: XS (49cm) to XL (61cm)

The good: The Storck Multiroad is easy to handle, even for a slightly-built person. It’s just the right amount of weight so a rider can command good control, even when going at high speeds or over challenging terrain. The Schwalbe Marathon Cross tires, strong hand grip and disc brake system mean rolling on both regular roads and rough trails in rainy conditions will be relatively simple. We also like that the gear levers are ergonomic and fit most thumb and index finger sizes—allows easy transition expecially when experiencing undulating terrain. If you’re a bit of a speed demon, you’ll be happy to know that the stream-lined chain and seat stay, while the forks make for minimized wind resistance.

The bad: The seat isn’t very suitable for long cruises where you’ll encounter the occasional pothole. Mis-shifts might occur during gear transitions because the main crank and cassette sprockets aren’t exactly the smoothest. Moving into a certain gear can bring about a clicking sound during the running-in period, but we got past that so you probably will.    

Verdict: Easy on the eyes and offering good control, the Storck Multiroad would’ve been a perfect first bike for the adventurous, except most beginners would probably balk at the pricetag.

$2,935 from Fat Cat Cycle.