City’s Stylish Doctor, Georgia Lee

Style is…
Being yourself and making your own statement.
What can you not live without?
That would have to be my range of DrGL products and my skinny legs.
What’s your fashion regime like?
My stylist helps to plan my wardrobe for the month or for the day, especially if I have an event to attend at a short notice. If time permits, I try on clothes and plan the look I like. My hair, make-up and putting the whole look together are all done at Passion salon. For important events or overseas trips, I discuss ahead with my stylist to plan and determine the look for the shows or events I have to attend.
If you had to choose between simplicity or extravagance, what would you choose, and why?
I will go for extravagant simplicity. A million dollar look does not actually need to cost the earth, and it would be difficult to pull off.
Who are your style heroes?
People on the street and my patients who have gone through hardship, stayed positive and made a difference to the people around them.
Famous last words.
Live life with no regrets.