Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq; Salomon X-Trail Race Clinic

Working in a weekly magazine means you don’t always have the time to attend chi chi events. There are some I don’t really care for but there are others, like the Rebellious: Hoyu Professional Hair Show 2010 held at the marvelous Hotel Re!, that I regret missing. I heard the entire show was a fantastical phantasmagoria of colors, textures and costumes; almost like theater except the stars of the show were hairstyles. Want to emulate the “I am Female” look below? Track down hair designer Wina Zhang from Hair Fusion Salon (#01-108, Blk 824 Tampines St. 81, 6787-1675).
Staying in the office when I’d rather be out and about means I’m now 10kg heavier than I was in January. So when an invitation to try the Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq procedure—a new non-invasive way to reduce fat—came in the mail, I jumped at it. According to Dr. Yvonne Goh, the machine draws your targeted bulge up between two panels and intensely cools the area so that your fat cells are crystallized, eventually resulting in a 20 percent reduction of fat. But if you have a low threshold for pain, you may find it uncomfortable. The nozzle tugs and sucks on your targeted area and cools it to the point of freezing. It’s like being pinched by someone wearing gloves of dry ice. The discomfort does go away though. $1,500 is a lot for a single session but considering that most of their clients feel satisfied by the results after three to six weeks, I reckon it’s a small price to pay. Watch this space for progress on my muffin top. In the meantime, call Medical Aesthetics @ Cluny (#02-12 Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Rd., 6462-2259) to book an appointment.
Like any good doctor, Dr. Goh advised me to maintain a healthy lifestyle to fully enjoy the effects of my sculpting session. A fun way to remain fit is by participating in the upcoming Salomon X-Trail Race Clinic on Oct 30, 7:30am at MacRitchie Reservoir, in preparation for the real run on Nov 14. Familiarize yourself with the scenic trails of the park and enjoy all the under-rated benefits of trail running like quick muscle recovery and unpolluted air. To register, email your name, IC number and contact details to [email protected] with “Salomon Race Clinic Race” as the subject. A $15 registration fee will be collected on site. For more information, log on to