Interview: Charles Pic and Timo Glock for the 2012 F1 Singapore Grand Prix

What sort of training goes in before the race?
Charles Pic: The training between races is actually quite easy. Over the winter months, I train very hard and spend lots of time at the gym weight training or working on my fitness levels.
Timo Glock: Over a race weekend very little training takes place. Occasionally I will cycle the track but I do not do this at every circuit. Watching what I eat is also very important.
How do you stay focused during such a high-speed and high-intensity race?
CP: Staying focused during the race itself comes very naturally to me. What is harder is arriving at the race weekend with a good level of energy so that I can stay focused across the whole weekend.
TG: Experience helps. Being physically fit and having good stamina and endurance are important aspects of being able to maintain that focus during a race.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about the sport of Formula One?

CP: A lot of people assume that it is the driver that does all the hard work but Formula One really is a team sport. We have nearly 200 people working behind the scenes on the development of the car, looking after sponsors, and managing the
day-to-day running of the team.
TG: Most people know that Formula One involves lots of travel but I don’t think people understand exactly how demanding the travel is. There are 20 races across six continents on the Formula One calendar this year and with normally only a one-week break between races it can be a challenge.

What is it like driving in a regular car when you’re not racing?

CP: Driving in a regular car when I am not racing is very normal for me. Like all road users, I take care to care to stick to the speed limits, and I am aware of the other drivers around me.
TG: Driving a regular car is a very normal activity for racing drivers, exactly the same as for every other road user. I enjoy driving on the road as I find it relaxing, which is
a completely different experience to when driving in a race.
Which driver do you think will win the Championship this year?
CP: I think one of the drivers from Ferrari, McLaren or Red Bull will win the championship but it is very hard to pick a winner at this stage.
It is very difficult to say which driver will win. There have been many different winners in the first half of the season but I think Fernando Alonso is very strong so I would put him top of the list for the time being.
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