Interview: Andrew Goetz of MALIN+GOETZ

Keeping in mind the Singapore weather, what are the typical mistakes we make with our skin?
The typical Singapore weather is similar to that of a New York summer, which we’re very familiar with. I think the common mistake is that people tend to use overly harsh cleansers on their face to compensate for the heat and humidity. By doing so, they strip their skin and actually force it to produce more oil. Use a gentle but thorough facial cleanser like our Grapefruit Cleanser, followed by our oil-free Vitamin Face Moisturizer, and your skin will never look better. 

Any plans for a MALIN+GOETZ spa in Singapore?
We would love to open a Malin+Goetz shop in Singapore. We are not a spa business; we create and manufacture a great line of skincare, body care, haircare and candles. We are happy to leave the spa business to experts like Strip and Browhaus. But we know that we could not manage this on our own from New York; so having a local partner would be imperative.  

What are some of your favorite places to visit in Singapore?
It’s our second time here, and while we’re always faced with a rather heavy workload, we always make time for some good fun. We absolutely adore going to the hawker center—that’s a total blast for us. Chinatown and Little India are equally great experiences. Some of the other places we hit on our off hours are the Tippling Club, where we’ve had an incredible 10-course meal, as well as Open Door Policy, which has a super brunch. 

What’s on the cards for MALIN+GOETZ in Asia, in the next five years?
Both Matthew and I personally love traveling to Asia and look forward to developing business throughout Asia.  We have a really amazing business in Singapore and would love to one day have a Malin+Goetz Shop there some day.  Our business in Taiwan and Manila are also very strong. We need to further develop Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.  Bangkok is also of interest to us.  As a small independent niche brand, I don’t think we are ready for Mainland China just yet, but hopefully in the near future.

How would you desribe the MALIN+GOETZ brand if it was a friend?
Malin+Goetz is a true, honest really supportive friend. Always there to help you solve a problem.

MALIN+GOETZ products are available at all Strip and Browhaus outlets, as well as at Beauty Emporium.