Interview: Pooja Vig from The Nutrition Clinic

Why do you think there’s a trend for juicing?
Eating and drinking clean is a reaction to the fear we harbor towards processed food. People are going back to basics as we are starting to realize that the food we consume today is nowhere near as nourishing as it was generations ago.

What are the benefits of juicing every day?
Juicing gives you a concentrated shot of nutrients. We need seven to nine portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and a large glass of vegetable juice can help reach that target.

People often tout the pros of juicing—what are the cons?
People with digestive problems frequently embark on radical juicing regimens, but this may actually end up aggravating their condition. Also, juicing can be high in sugar if ingredients are not chosen wisely—for instance, fruits and beets have high sugar contents. Moreover, cruciferous vegetables such as kale and broccoli are best consumed cooked; juicing them may slow down thyroid function.

Any health advice/tips for juicing?
Start slow—don’t jump into juicing by doing an extreme juice fast. Begin with a single green juice or smoothie daily, and choose ingredients that are lower on the glycemic index.