Interview: Singapore Women in the London Olympics 2012

Tell us about your training sessions.
Helena Wong: I train up to six times a week. Prior to the run-up of a major competition, I would train up to twice a day.
Dipna Lim Prasad: I train six days a week. My training programs are a mix of track and gym workouts. I also practice hurdling every single training session.
Geraldine Lim: I train 11 sessions a week and have recently returned from a three-week training camp in Hungary.
How would you rate your chances at the games?
Wong: My current personal (combined) best stands at 153 kg. The current world record for women’s 53 kg stands at 230kg; set by China’s Li Ping in 2010. It’s a long shot for me to get to the Olympics podium, but I am not relenting or giving up. 
Prasad: It’s important to not pressure yourself at any competition. I’ve been training hard and through breaking the 100m hurdles national record, I hope my time at the games will reflect that.
Lim: I think the chances of me getting past the heats into the semi-finals are pretty slim. However, I will do my very best. It’d be a bonus if I proceed to the next round.
What can we do to improve our overall rankings?
Wong: The sport has been seeing more participation from a broad spectrum of enthusiasts, from students, PMEBs and even professionals. What’s even more encouraging is the weightlifters are getting younger.
Prasad: On an individual basis: through hard work, discipline and doing all that with heart.
Lim: I hope we can increase the culture in Singapore in a way that sports can become a part of everyone’s life from an early age.