Three Ways to Get Fit Quickly

The Olympics is just round the corner. But there’s no need to envy those fit athletes’ bodies, or bemoan how little spare time you have. Turns out you don’t need to spend hours at the gym, after all.

Disco Aerobics
Relieve stress in the middle of a hectic day with a high intensity dance routine designed to maximize cardio burn in an hour. The new disco aerobics class at Pure Fitness Asia Square teaches you the moves (think Saturday Night Fever) to groove along to fun retro music from the ‘70s. Who says burning calories has to be boring? Membership starts from $150 a month.

CrossFit workouts
Each workout is a 30-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) session that will have you sweating buckets when you’re done. CrossFit comprises several routines such as “Chelsea”—five pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats to be completed within a minute—repeated continuously over 30 minutes. Be warned, HIIT is not for the weak-willed. Membership starts from $200 a month.

Just last month, True Fitness launched CXWORX, an intense short routine that focuses on improving strength and toning muscles through various training exercises—crunches, leg extensions, standing balance and hovers—while preventing injuries. Burning an average of 230 calories in 30 minutes, it’s perfect for a quick lunchtime workout. What’s more, you can expect a brand new choreographed routine every three months. Membership starts from $79 a month.