The Truth About Yoga and Pilates

In case you don’t know, yoga is different from Pilates. While yoga seeks to fuse the physical, intellectual, mental and spiritual aspects of your body, Pilates actually combines precise movements to stretch muscles and improve the body alignment, breathing and general body movement. So in a nutshell, Pilates is a purely physical activity while yoga also focuses on your inner calm. Here’s our pick of some good Pilates places.

Ivana Daniell Studio

Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Blvd., 6736-2991.
Ivana Daniell and her team of instructors have over 16 years’ experience under their belts. They teach Pilates and Gyrotonic classes, which are different movement systems that develop coordination. Pilates Classes are capped at eight students and three for Gyrotonic.

Pilates Bodyworks

#19-01 Commerce Point, 3 Philip St., 6538-8922.
This is the studio certified by Ron Fletcher—the protégé to Joseph Pilates, the founding father of Pilates (duh). It’s also Asia’s largest Pilates-only studio. Classes are pretty small, but there are one-on-one classes as well.

Sky Pilates

#05-03 Liat Towers, 541 Orchard Rd., 6100-7597.
“Strength, flexibility and posture”—that’s the guiding mantra of these guys who offer quality fitness. Get a great treetop view of Orchard Road as you work those limbs. They use only proper Pilates equipment and have fully-trained experts teaching more than 40 small classes every week.