I-S Xperience Green Peace: Stretching Limits

So, the weather wasn’t perfect when we had our last I-S Xperience at MacRitchie Reservoir, but participants braved the rain (which thankfully stopped within 15 minutes) to complete 108 Sun Salutations.

“The number 108 has always been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and Yoga. The traditional prayer beads are made of 108 beads; there are 54 letters in Sanskrit alphabet (twice of 54 is 108). One denotes the Truth, Zero means Emptiness and Eight reflects Eternity,” according to an article posted on Green Yoga’s facebook page.

Though intense, practising the 108 Sun Salutations can help “relieve stress, promote mind-body connection and improve body alignment,” explains founder Stella Chen explains, “It’s a great workout to help kickstart your day.”

Green Yoga holds its outdoor yoga session every last Saturday of the month. For more information, visit their website, call 6552-1153 or email [email protected].