11 yoga studios in Singapore to get your wellness fix

Outdoor pop-up community yoga sessions seem to be the trend du jour in Singapore, but there’s always space in your life for the comforts of your go-to studio. Here are the best ones in the city.

Bikram Yoga (Katong)

Set up by Bikram yoga enthusiasts Maria Lourdes Chan and Jez Heng, this boutique studio in Katong (along busy East Coast Road) is home to a tight-knit community. There’s a real party vibe here; everyone knows one another, and they sometimes venture out to the beach or even on boats to practise.

The mainstay is classic Bikram yoga—26 poses (each done twice) in 90 minutes. An eight-day trial pass costs $58. Members can either buy class cards at $665 for 20 classes, or unlimited passes at $439 for one month.

Como Shambhala Urban Escape

One of the city’s longest running yoga and pilates centers offers ashtanga, hatha, lyengar, pranayama and even problem-specific classes like Back Care Yoga and Yoga for Runners. They’ve also got massage services to aid injury recovery or provide muscle tension relief, as well as a retail corner selling yoga apparel, props and their in-house line of massage oils and body care products.

A single drop in class is $45, or you can sign up for the unlimited one month pass at $315.

Kate Porter Yoga

This boutique studio offers an array of hatha-based yoga and pilates classes whether you’re looking to relax or get toned—and they’ve got some cute touches like cold tea and aromatherapy towels after every session. There’s also Yoga for Inflexible People, which is highly reassuring for those who always feel like they’re not cut out for yoga. The cute space also houses an art gallery, book exchange area and retail store.

A single class goes for $30 and an unlimited one month pass is $270.

Masters’ Yoga Sadhan

, 11 yoga studios in Singapore to get your wellness fix
Masters Yoga Sadhan (Tanjong Pagar)

This no-frills yoga center in the heart of the CBD makes it great for a quick work-day fix. Their signature classes are the stress-busting Yoga for Executives and the challenging Wall Rope Yoga which supposedly increases flexibility and lets you enjoy inverted poses like handstands.

Other than typical classes like hatha and hot yoga, they also offer prenatal yoga to help you keep in shape during your pregnancy.  They’re extremely welcoming here—just don’t expect the polish and post-workout amenities of a posh studio. Class cards are $210 for 10 classes, and unlimited passes are $250 for one month.

Meraki Yoga

Tucked away in a tranquil condo near One North MRT, this is one of the very few yoga places in the west which offers various styles of hot yoga—hatha, classic and flow. Classic hot yoga is quite similar to Bikram yoga in terms of length and poses, but the instructors here are a good deal gentler and more attentive than some of the Bikram drill sergeants we’ve come across. Non-heated classes are also available. There’s plenty of space and natural light here, except for the hot room (which has no windows), with big clean showers and even a lounge.

Drop-in classes are $43 or you can start with a $50 one week trial pass. Class cards start at $320 for 10 classes, and unlimited passes are $399 for one month.

True Yoga

, 11 yoga studios in Singapore to get your wellness fix
True Yoga at Pacific Plaza (Pictured: Clarice Ng, dancer and choreographer, True Yoga member)

Conveniently nestled in an accessible part of town, True Yoga offers an impressive variety of fitness classes ranging from Yogalates to Bollywood and fusion dance. Aside from the usual hatha and classic yoga classes, there’s also cardio and core yoga if you want to focus on your abs, or gentle yoga for a less strenous workout. There are seven studios (including those specifically for hot yoga and personal training), a juice bar, a retail space and a comfortable VIP lounge for members.

Pure Yoga

Pure is one of the more prominent fitness brands in Asia, with two outlets in the busiest parts of town (Raffles and Orchard). Both outlets offer a calming, sanctuary-like ambiance and are equipped with excellent shower and security facilities, a retail space and a lounge with day beds and Wi-Fi access. There’s a full range of programs, including hot hatha and aerial yoga, wall rope yoga, and dharma yoga.

Simply Yoga

Yet another new yoga studio in the East Coast area, though they stand out from the rest with some cool aerial arts courses, on top of regular yoga classes. The brightly-lit studio is cozy and compact, with a variety of circus arts equipment—think hoops, trapezes and swathes of colourful silks—taking center stage. Yoga purists can sign up for regular sessions like hatha, yin and flow. However, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try your hand at the aerial arts classes, where you’ll learn how to perform acrobatic tricks a la Cirque Du Soleil.

Prices for regular yoga sessions start from $300 for 10 sessions, and $330 for 10 sessions of aerial yoga. If you have a workout buddy, you can sign up as a pair at a discounted rate of $540 (i.e. $270 each). Drop-in classes are $35 (regular yoga) and $38 (aerial yoga).

Yoga Inc.

This simple space in Tiong Bahru’s Yong Siak Street is decked out in retro touches inspired by Chinese pop culture but if you’re expecting bold, Chinoiserie interiors, think again. The studio is both spartan and minimalist, with a grey and white color scheme and basic facilities like a locker room and shower stalls.

Classes are offered for all levels, starting from basics, hatha and yin, which focuses on a more meditative approach to the practice, to more advanced sessions like core, flow and hatha 2, a 75-min class comprising back bends, arm balances and inversions. The studio has also launched a new branch at Safra Punggol, for those who find it a chore to make the trek down South.

Prices start from $35 for a single drop in to $100 for an unlimited one week pass and $300 for an unlimited one month membership.

Yoga Movement (Tiong Bahru)

, 11 yoga studios in Singapore to get your wellness fix
Yoga Movement (Tiong Bahru)

Boutique yoga outfit Yoga Movement has opened its fourth studio, right in the heart of the hip Tiong Bahru enclave. This smaller space is essentially one big open plan area leading from reception, through the studio to the bathrooms and change rooms at the back (meaning it’s a little noisier/less zen than you’re used to).

The classes offered at the 30-mat studio cover workout type as opposed to yoga style, with options like Yoga Core, Yoga Power and Yoga Basics. We liked that the classes came with a music soundtrack of old school classics and acoustic versions of pop hits, too. You can book a mat online with prices starting from $25 for a single class and $190 for a 10-class pack.

Ziva Yoga

The studio, which is located in a quaint little rustic hut amid verdant greenery in Tiong Bahru, is bright, spacious and well-ventilated. You’ll find your usual yoga staples (hot and non-hot) here, like Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga and Core Flow, for beginners and regular practitioners alike. Plus, they also offer prenatal yoga on Sunday afternoons.

Single drop in classes are $35, and $250 for 10 classes, or you can get the unlimited one month pass for $330.